DTR - Glade Festival 2012


Glade - Cover Photo

A couple of weeks ago, we were visitors to Glade Festival @ Houghton Hall, Norfolk, 14-17 June 2012. It was luck that brought us there for the first time, together with help from our fantastic, generous friends we were actually the first public people let into the festival.

With nearly as many Funktion One speakers as there were blades of grass, you know it’s going to be a good one with the lineup like a dream come true for us. We partied hard, met some amazing new friends and were surrounded by kind, open minded people. The festival’s friendly, feel good vibe completely won us over with plenty to do and lots of random things happening at any one time. We couldn’t have asked for more to be honest, even the weather turned out pretty damn good considering we were expecting 3 days of heavy rain.

I decided to start recording some videos, then that turned into a lot of videos and I’ve compiled some of our favourite snippets from this awesome festival. We hope you enjoy watching them as we did experiencing them.

- Jack! Who?

You can view all 41 HD videos on the Death Techno YouTube page.

F R I D A Y - 1 5 t h

Robert Babicz


Marc Romboy

S A T U R D A Y - 1 6 t h

Oliver Huntemann

Stephan Bodzin


Sven Väth

S U N D A Y - 1 7 t h

Marcel Dettmann

Function LIVE

Max Cooper

The Sonic Manipulator