DTMIX179 - Mas Teeveh [Bergamo, ITALY]

DTMIX179 - Mas Teeveh [Bergamo, ITALY]


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Italian Mas Teeveh has a multitude of years in the scene under his belt, where his music has landed on top labels such as Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, DJ Emerson’s Micro.fon, Wunderblock amongst others. With this exclusive mix he incorporates an expert progression from smooth, dubby, atmospheric tones into some more edgy and hypnotic rhythms. Classy and clearly showing his love for minute detail, it has a timeless after hours vibe that will delight and impress at every turn. Tracks featured are by Birds ov Paradise, Korridor, Edit Select, Fabrizio Lapiana, Sandra Mosh, Kas:st, Boston 168, and many more…

Tracklist :

01. AURORA HALAL : overpass [Mutual Dreaming]
02. BRUCE : meek [Hessle Audio]
03. BIRDS OV PARADISE : fog [Hypnus]
04. BIRDS OV PARADISE : regrowth [Hypnus]
05. KORRIDOR : geotetra [Unita Psicofisica]
06. BIRDS OV PARADISE : tutor [Hypnus]
07. EDIT SELECT : radium [Edit Select]
08. VII CIRCLE : archetype [Rapid Eye Movement]
09. PRIMAL CODE : varanasi [Hypnus]
10. FABRIZIO LAPIANA : shoegazing II [ARTS Collective]
11. SANDRA MOSH : skogsrave [Mosh Musik]
12. MEMORIAL HOME : second floor (Edit Select Remix) [Rapid Eye Movement]
13. NESS : psychotechnologies (Alan Backdrop Version) [The Gods Planet]
14. PRIMAL CODE : morgana [Hypnus]
15. TESTE : thieves are operating in this area [Bite]
16. DASEIN : zodiac (Memorial Home Remix) [Venom]
17. ESKAPIST : loggbight [Figure]
18. KAS:ST : what i like about you is what i imagine [Rapid Eye Movement]
19. BOSTON 168 : blue bridge [Attic Music]

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