DT:Premiere | Marco Bruno - Rebirth [made of CONCRETE]

DT:Premiere | Marco Bruno - Rebirth [made of CONCRETE]

The label and event series that goes by the name made of CONCRETE in Germany is ran by fumée grise and Dresden based Andreas Pionty who are also a production duo called Rebar appearing here on remix duty and previous DTMIXS35 guests.

A varied label sound has very loose restraints that include anywhere from electronica to dubby techno. The latest EP Hidden Truth comes from Italian artist Marco Bruno who heads up the superb SK BLACK imprint and has also featured on labels such as Robert S’ trau-ma, Amazone, Riot and Decoy.

The DT:Premiere we selected is the original “Rebirth” is a perfect storm of dreamy melody with an eerie twist in its progression. The tough and pounding beat lays the foundation with certain reflections of a Detroit influence combined with a most modern idea of composition.

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MOCD003 - Marco Bruno - Hidden Truth EP

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