DTMIX106 - VSK [Rome, ITALY]

DTMIX106 - VSK [Rome, ITALY]



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If you like deep space explorations, you will love this Exclusive from Italian maestro VSK. Francesco spearheads CRS also known as Consumer Recreation Service along with Conrad Van Orton and VILIX. His music is anywhere from tough and industrial, freaky and electronic to deep and spacey which can be found on labels like Planet Rhythm, Genesa, to Joton’s Newrhythmic. It’s a hugely hypnotic affair with plenty of attitude when required, that will no doubt make time fly as it draws you in to the murky depths…

Tracklist :

01. DEEPBASS : sleepwalker [Rising Label]
02. VILIX : tephra (Ness Remix) [Mental Modern]
03. VSK : 1.4 system mix (Conrad Van Orton Remix) [Complex Adaptive Systems]
04. SYNTHEK & AUDIOLOUIS : broken pad (Aubrey Remix) [Natch]
05. JOTON : the sury’s forest [Newrhythmic]
06. TAKAAKI ITOH : error polynomial [WOLS]
07. JONAS KOPP : distance [EarToGround]
08. TRUNCATE : fourty four [Mote Evolver]
09. BLUE HOUR : falling lines [Blue Hour]
10. JI@ & ANNULLED USER : 2.4 system mix (Patrick Walker Remix) [Complex Adaptive Systems]
11. VSK : commander of nowhere [Newrhythmic]

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