DTMIX065 - George Paar [Montevideo, URUGUAY]

DTMIX065 - George Paar [Montevideo, URUGUAY]

An unreal debut from George Paar based in Uruguay, head of PAR recordings and vinyl arm PAR wax. Delivering exactly as expected, high quality, hypnotic, atmospheric, underground techno. Morphing sounds throughout the mix that twist your brain and progress so subtly and deeply with a futuristic feel of excellence. His works are fantastic and can be found on awesome labels like Blaq Records in Mexico, UTCH in Chile, Gynoid Audio in Australia, Mark Morris’s KETRA in Berlin, DJ Emerson’s Micro.fon plus plenty more. Tracks included in this Exclusive from Deepbass, Svreca, Ducerey Ada Nexino, Ness, The Noisemaker, Giorgio Gigli, Conrad Van Orton and beyond…

Tracklist :

01. ERROR ETICA : quasar (Short Version) [Psychoskunk]
02. DEEPBASS : voyager [Informa]
03. SVRECA : narratif [Semantica]
04. ERROR ETICA : quasar (Short Version) [Psychoskunk]
05. RO! : crise planitia (NX1 Old School Rave Mix) [End Of Dayz]
06. DUCEREY ADA NEXINO : elliptical roots [PAR]
07. FRANCESCO BAUDAZZI : propaganda 2 [Surface LTD]
08. NESS : rk first stage [M_REC LTD]
09. THE NOISEMAKER : depth dub [Cyronix]
10. SVRECA : hagagatan [Semantica]
11. FABRIZIO LAPIANA : dark visions (Giorgio Gigli Remix) [Attic Music]
12. CONRAD VAN ORTON : continuous deception [CRS Ltd.]
13. DANIELA STICKROTH : the slot (Giorgio Gigli Remix) [LINEAL]
14. DINO SABATINI : ceto [Prologue]
15. DINO SABATINI & DONATO DOZZY : nocturnal [Prologue]

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