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After tuning into this compilation time and time again over the last few months, it felt only right to share my thoughts to fellow techno enthusiasts.

To jump straight into Noritian Mysteries the feeling from the first track is of atmosphere and mood embedded into a spine of electronic soul. Effortlessly delving into a range of sub genres, it comes across risky and liberating with a purpose of showcasing a wealthy array of production talent from around the world.

- Some picks of the bunch for me have to begin with the opener by Vâyu with “Luduan” that has a luscious, throbbing bottom end accompanied with soft, sparse panning tones.

- “SEADD” by Opuswerk tips the top spot for me with its progressive soulfulness, abstract orchestration and pleasing sound design.

- Track five by Foreign Material called “The White Bleeding Spear” is a chugging, suspenseful and progressive masterpiece of pulsing tones and deep space-like textures.

- Sofus Forsberg took me on a cerebral journey into what I best describe as subliminal frequencies of a dystopian city with “Blue Eye Falling“.

- The Alchemical Theory contribution called “Recondito” focuses on an uplifting style of dreamscape with a subtle broken beat.

- “Twu’a Ta” by Alume works a jovial, trippy and tribal vibe, feeling like a sound adventure all to itself.

- The track from 9beats titled “Mintaka” is probably the darkest affair here with a dogged attitude locked inside its brooding pith.

Everything about this compilation is beautiful and meticulous, done the right way with utmost honesty and purity.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

NORCD01 - VA - Noritian Mysteries - CD

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