DEADCERT033 - Rhombic - Inertia (incl. Robert S (PT) & Caremajor Remixes)

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DEADCERT033 - Rhombic - Inertia (incl. Robert S (PT) & Caremajor Remixes)

DEAD CERT. Records is a label linked to the well known website ran by Jack! Who? in the UK. A diverse palette has seen the previous releases feature music from artists including Audio Injection / Truncate, Hans Bouffmyhre, Joachim Spieth, Paul Mac and TWR72 to name but a few.

Argentinian talent Daniel Graglia aka Rhombic makes his debut for DEAD CERT. following great releases for NuLabel, Subsequent and Eternal Drive, he also has an EP lined up for Trau-ma. Picking up support from the likes of I/Y, Dave Ellesmere, Pacou, Donor, Hemka and Luca Agnelli, Rhombic is certainly carving out a solid following.

“Radon” leads the way, launching in with a tough and expertly textured sound. Complete with signal test modular melody, this airy, spaced out journey is a driving, jacking tool, ready for any DJ to harness as a secret weapon.

The second original track is “Krypton” that dives into an uplifting and sprightly melody combination with an analogue aesthetic. The track has a bounce and punch that is undeniably fun and serious all in one, creating an instant attraction and exciting production, just wait for the break…

There are two remixes included from Portuguese artist Robert S (PT), alongside the Berlin based Caremajor.

DEADCERT033 - Rhombic - Inertia (incl. Robert S (PT) & Caremajor Remixes)

The Robert Limited & Trau-ma label head throws his cap in the ring with a rough and ready cut. Robert S (PT) is known for releases on leading outfits such as Flash, Sleaze, Monocline and Planet Rhythm for example. Bursting with energy and dancefloor power, this hectic take has attitude and quality written all over it.

DEADCERT033 - Rhombic - Inertia (incl. Robert S (PT) & Caremajor Remixes)

Caremajor is the second remixer delivering a stomping interpretation. His 2015 EP on the DEAD CERT. has garnered plenty of attention, where his quite maverick approach and signature style has found a dedicated audience landing his music on ARTS, Kaputt and Etruria Beat. Gritty and full of life, the track’s bleeping melody is joined by some edgy, sawtooth synths. The raw groove is the focus here, building in tension and once again falling back into line.

Supported by…

04LM, Alex.Do, Alex Dolby, Alexander D’niel, Antonio De Angelis, Axel Karakasis, Bodyscrub, C-System, Chris Liebing, Coefficient, Dave Ellesmere, Diarmaid O’Meara, Diego Amura, DJ Deep, DJ Hi-Shock / Advanced Human, Dot Chandler / Fernanda Martins, Drumcomplex, Dykkon, Echoplex, Fixon, Fundamental Interaction, GabeeN, GO!DIVA, H. Paul, Heron, Israel Toledo, Johannes Volk, Juho Kusti, Kaiser, Kemmi Kamachi, Ledd, Luca Agnelli, Luigi Madonna, Marco Effe, Marla Singer, Michel Lauriola, Monocraft, Moteka, Mr. Jones, Niereich, Patrick DSP, Patrick Lindsey, Patrik Carrera, Pierre Deutschmann, Plural, Raphael Dincsoy, Raymundo Rodriguez, RedHead, Regal, Rick Maia, Rraph, Shlomi Aber, Slam, Sone, Spartaque, Stefano Infusino, Stephanie Sykes, Stevie Wilson, Submerge, Timmo, Tom Hades, Truncate, Vinicius Honorio, XHEI, Xpansul and many more…


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