DTR | Tim Xavier - No Edges - FIIF-D-002

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Face To Face Records is a new vinyl and digital venture from the maestro and Manmade Mastering sound guru. Ahead of his forthcoming Exclusive mix for us, Tim Xavier the recently released No Edges is officially the second digital only from the Berlin based imprint.

The title track “No Edges” gets down with a thumping beat and funked-up, industrial sound that’s an instant winner in my book. Moody synth stabs raise the energy, soaking in reverb and delay, they also get hit with what seems like a gated repetition in certain parts. It gives it a live edited feel for even more movement in the track. Huge to say the least, great opening track and full of depth.

Bennington Hill” seems like a strange name choice, but altogether intriguing. Seemingly darker than the first, it takes you for a spin into a more glitchy laden affair. At the breakdown it goes into full modular mode before it powers back into a massive Techno groove. High pitched whines and squeals can be heard in the mix with lots of crazy and crunchy fx. Slightly odd and brilliant all in one.

Track three called “The Wolf Speaks” has a monstrous kick, whilst rocking a jackin’ rhythm that’s surrounded by haunting atmospherics. It has an old school and driving sound with stabbing aggressive electric surges pushing things forward. The real hook appears later from metallic layered notes that bring a party vibe. Definitely a crowd pleaser with a modern classic feel.

The last one here is “Distant Keys” that starts off concentrating on a throbbing bottom end with deep tom rolls. Quirky acid loops that expand and contract with a stinging feel soon get overshadowed by a highly prominent, dreamy filtered pad, creating a soulful and euphoric ambience. A more chilled out number to end the EP, but no less of a track that could bring a club to it’s knees be it building up or winding down.

Definitely a master at work can be heard here, someone that can clearly visualise and construct their ideas as they see fit.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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