DT:Premiere | ALHEK - Blume11 [Cirque Du Minimaliste]

DT:Premiere | ALHEK - Blume11 [Cirque Du Minimaliste]

Previous guests of our mix series are involved in this DT:Premiere. Located in Hamburg, Felix Lorusso heads up the always on point Cirque Du Minimaliste.

The EP and track for CDM’s 28th release is supplied by ALHEK, known for his dark and pounding style and this is no exception. His own imprint Mechanical Thoughts is on the rise from launching last year.

Blume11” has a forceful presence and starts as it means to go on with a driving and punchy kick line, before panning atmospheric sweeps show their face and the suspense builds. A pretty relentless track overall, but under it all, a strong tool like groove that can deliver the goods and no doubt mesh well in a set.

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