DTMIX151 - Myles Sergé [Grand Rapids, USA]

DTMIX151 - Myles Sergé [Grand Rapids, USA]


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Influential American DJ and Producer Myles Sergé is an ever evolving artist, whose music spans a large range of styles. Having headed up a multitude of label projects such as (MS), RE(FORM), Space, Dosed and more, his back catalogue includes contributions to the Zenker Brothers Ilian Tape, Thema and Savas Pascalidis Sweatshop for example, as well as playing at the paramount Welsh festival Freerotation. His latest artist alias “Translate” can be heard in this typically eclectic set alongside tracks from Ben Gibson, Jose Pouj, Myk Derill, Xpansul, Radial and Jonas Kopp…

Tracklist :

01. OWEN Ni : ni1 (IGG.Edition) B [Run On]
02. BEN GIBSON : orbital decay [Chronicle]
03. BEN GIBSON : autonomia [Chronicle]
04. JOAQUIN RUIZ : contradictions (Jose Pouj Remix) [Injected Poison]
05. CONFLUENCE : ritual [SUB tl]
06. MYK DERILL : reach me [Knotweed]
07. P-BEN : championship [Planet Rhythm]
08. SECLUDED : do it right (Xpansul Remix) [Secluded]
09. RADIAL : espacio [Methodical]
10. TRANSLATE : face 2 [Calder City Development Corp.]
11. CLOUDS : tropical fuck [Fifth Wall]
12. ARTHUR KIMSKII : simple enough to come true [L.A.G.]
13. DIEGO AMURA : automa (Jonas Kopp Remix) [MindTrip]
14. JUSTIN ZERBST : a time and a location [Metamorphic]
15. DANNY KOTZ & AVI CASPI : reject (Myles Sergé’s In The Clouds Remix) [made Of Concrete]

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