DTMIX147 - Unbalance [Moscow, RUSSIA]

DTMIX147 - Unbalance [Moscow, RUSSIA]


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Unbalance is one of Russia’s leading Techno forces and one of the most impressive producers you are likely to come across. Heading up many projects such as his self titled label, along with Rebalance that features remixes and Monasterio linked to the event, his music can be found on PoleGroup, ARTS, Mutex and Gynoid Audio to name only a few. This exclusive mix is full of kooky character from wobbly, spaced out stompers, gritty and hypnotic affairs to raw, energetic and punchy cuts. Tracks featured by Marcelus, Joton, Reeko, Staffan Linzatti, Yan Cook, Tensal and many more…

Tracklist :

01. CAMERON : construct [Delsin]
02. NATURAL/ELECTRONIC.SYSTEM : megaride [Tikita]
03. CONFLUENCE : automation code [TMM Records]
04. UNKNOWN : deepspace 3 [?]
05. -2 : saiste confuso [Dead Motion]
06. ELECTRIC RESCUE : padvo (Marcelus Remix) [Rex Club]
07. JOTON : facing the horizont [Newrhythmic]
08. KASTIL : carucci [Stale]
09. UNBALANCE : from dust (Reeko Construccion #2 [Asturias edit]) [Rebalance]
10. STAFFAN LINZATTI : invading mind space (edit) [Field Records]
11. DARK QUADRANT : transmissions [Underdub]
12. SPIROS KALOUMENOS : introvert shadow [Planet Rhythm]
13. TEMUDO : nihil [Planet Rhythm]
14. YAN COOK : magnetized [EarToGround]
15. MODDULLAR : stare [Newrhythmic]
16. ANSELM : strom [Unequal]
17. RENE WISE : incubus [ARTS]
18. SLAM : dark forces (Tensal Remix) [Soma]
19. TADEO : the motivation (Efdemin Remix) [Non Series]
20. A THOUSAND DETAILS : f1 (Rootek Remix) [Logical Methods]
21. ERIC FETCHER : deep blue [Invite’s Choice]
22. J.C. : prayers to anansi [Cabrera]

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