DTMIX146 - Mike Gervais [Minneapolis, USA]

DTMIX146 - Mike Gervais [Minneapolis, USA]

The SYSTEM label boss turns up blazing on his Death Techno debut. Whether it’s remixing Truncate and Coeter or having music released on Blank Code and making contributions to From 0-1, Mike time and time again successfully cultivates his own vision gaining heavy hitter support along the way. The mix shows his class with spaced out jams including edgy, analogue and electrified cuts from the likes of JUDAΣ, Klaudia Gawlas, Kessell, Shlømo, Sterac, Johannes Heil and many more…

Tracklist :

01. MOD21 : black ink [Mod21]
02. SYNTAXISM : cronotopo 4 [Evod Music]
03. THE NOISEMAKER : synthetic image (Conrad Van Orton Remix) [030]
04. HAEKEN : oracle iv [Mord]
05. RUMAH & PROGRESSION (UK) : warm bodies [Blueprint]
06. JUDAΣ : revulsion III [ARTS]
07. KLAUDIA GAWLAS : red phase [Credo]
08. JOTON : Filia [Symbolism]
09. KESSELL : addictive state [PoleGroup]
10. KORBEN NICE : swivel gun [SUB tl]
12. LEANDRO GÁMEZ : qssett (P.E.A.R.L. Remix) [SUB tl]
13. SHLØMO : obsession [Wolfskuil]
14. 3KZ : 1538 [Fides]
15. ABAYOMI : rebirth [Reclaim Your City]
16. COCHISE : radon (Moteka Remix) [GND]
17. RE:AXIS : after glow [Monocline]
18. SAVINTO : disturbance [Expire]
19. STERAC : energetix [Token]
20. JOHANNES HEIL : by night (Part Four) [ODD/EVEN]
21. MIKE GERVAIS : set me free [Unreleased]

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