DTMIX144 - Phara [Aalst, BELGIUM]

DTMIX144 - Phara [Aalst, BELGIUM]

Phara is a Belgian DJ and producer who has already caught the ear of the underground with excellent releases on Pär Grindvik’s Stockholm LTD, Sonntag Morgen and Black Sun for example. Covering a cool array of sounds from dreamy Electro to tough and hypnotic Techno. his selection is that of wonderful production details, showing his class and educated ear. Tracks featured from Mystic Letter K, Psyk, Marcel Dettmann, Antigone, Edit Select, Tensal and many more…

Tracklist :

01. PHARA : Shee [Stockholm LTD]
02. MYSTIC LETTER K : chalice of alice [MLK]
03. PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS : twelve (Psyk Rework) [Mote-Evolver]
04. ROLANDO : time to jack (Marcel Dettmann Remix 1) [R3 Rolando Rocha Records]
05. PRIS : proving ground [Unbeknown To Us]
06. SWEDISH NAAN BOYS : ejakulation [SAND]
07. ANTIGONE : static [Token]
08. KAISER : anesthesia (Edit Select Remix) [Animal Farm]
09. CARI LEKEBUSCH : no system 1 [H. Productions]
10. KESSELL : shirka [Granulart]
11. KUF : osv [Arsenik]
12. TENSAL : forma 2 [Tensal]
13. JANICE : Janice2 B-1 [Janice]
14. LUNATIK : annulla [Absolute]
15. ERP : vox automaton [Frustrated Funk]

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