DTMIX143 - Mental Resonance [Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA]

DTMIX143 - Mental Resonance [Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA]

Admired Argentinian virtuoso known as Mental Resonance makes his DT debut following a back catalogue of music on labels such as Pfirter’s MindTrip, Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup, Arnaud Le Texier’s Children of Tomorrow and Weekend Circuit to name only a few. Serious and savvy, his selections are always superb, full of mind bending frequencies and captivating characteristics. Let loose and submit to sounds from Rrose, Pär Grindvik, Jeroen Search, Paul Mac, Tensal, Ness, Unbalance and many more…

Tracklist :

01. CIRKLE : landing [Deep Sea Mining Syndicate]
02. RROSE : glands [Fabric]
03. PÄR GRINDVIK : left alone [Weekend Circuit]
04. JEROEN SEARCH : frontal lobe [Warm Up]
05. PAUL MAC : binary cycle [Stimulus]
06. TENSAL : inertia (Mike Parker Remix) [Kynant]
07. PATRIK SKOOG & CHAIN : forgotten grail [Discrete Data]
08. J.LYDEN : 4.4 (Judas Remix) [black.]
09. CIRKLE : extraterrestial research [Deep Sea Mining Syndicate]
10. EVOD : bird [EVOD]
11. KAELAN : firs attitude [Overdraw]
12. DANILENKO : game of tones [EVOD]
13. DIEGO AMURA : riflesso [Konsequent]
14. BINNY : roll with it [Tortured]
15. PSI-DOM : ars nature ministra [Falling Ethics]
16. ASTRONOMICAL TELEGRAM : lat [Woods N Bass]
17. MARCO ZUCCHERO : the initiation [Off White]
18. SCIAHRI : perplexity [Mord]
19. MIKI CRAVEN : flow diverter [Dead Rose]
20. MASSA : interference (Ness Remix) [Hidden Traffic]
21. EYTH : rodinia [Warok Music]
22. NESS : semblance [End Of Dayz]
23. NTOGN : ba’al [Tome]
24. UNBALANCE : genesis [ARTS]
25. STEVE STOLL : she rises up [New York Trax]
26. LEGHAU : extinct [Thema]
27. WATA IGARASHI : lucifero (Orphx Remix) [Orphx]
28. TENEBRA AETERNA : gliese 436b [Advanced (Black)]

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