DT:Premiere | Alex Dolby - Ordinary Days [Sequenzial Shift]

DT:Premiere | Alex Dolby - Ordinary Days [Sequenzial Shift]

The most recent label venture by Italy’s Alex Dolby, is called Sequenzial Shift. It features avant-garde techno tracks that explore analogue experimentation and abstract sound design.

Releasing on labels such as Developer’s Modularz, Emmanuel’s ARTS, Marco Bailey’s MB Elektronics, Evod Music, Teksupport, and his now-defunct Affekt Recordings, Alex is a seasoned artist and highly esteemed producer in the scene.

Multiple Visions is an album that ventures into a creative palette of raw thoughts, dystopian textures, and dub techno aesthetics.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the track “Ordinary Days” that is a mind-blowing trip. It’s a cavernous apex in the album with an infectious bouncing bassline and gritty analogue textures for extra abstract flavour.

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SQZ006 - Alex Dolby - Sequenzial Shift

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