DT:Premiere | Error Etica - Hysteresis [Warm Up]

DT:Premiere | Error Etica - Hysteresis [Warm Up]

Warm Up is an imprint that is part of the mighty PoleGroup, the well known label from Spain’s marvel Oscar Mulero that has featured artists such as Function, Tensal, Jeroen Search, Reeko, Jonas Kopp and many more.

Having featured a track on the awesome Unknown Landscapes II VA for PoleGroup in 2014, Error Etica makes a triumphant return with a new 11-track album titled Emotional Intelligence. It follows on from appearances on other labels such as PWCCA’s Inducted Waves, Kessell’s Granulart and Kalter Ende’s Concerns Music.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the track called “Hysteresis” that is a throbbing and brooding dub techno-style track. Hypnotic in character from its waving and pulsing basslines, it has added distinctions from electric pulse effects that fizz with interesting textures. The echoing percussion also creates a disorientating vibe that take it to a contemporary masterclass.

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