DTR | Matrixxman x Setaoc Mass - The Return - SK11xTheGrid

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DTR | Matrixxman x Setaoc Mass - The Return - SK11xTheGrid
DTR | Matrixxman x Setaoc Mass - The Return - SK11xTheGrid


Matrixxman and Setaoc Mass, two stalwarts of the techno realm, join forces to deliver a hypnotic and pulsating journey on their collaborative release The Return. Presented under the banner of SK_eleven and The Grid, this release showcases the artists’ synergy and individual artistic strengths.

Opening the release, “The Return of Big Shaq” wastes no time in establishing its atmosphere. The track immediately draws you in with its rhythmic drive and intricate percussive elements. The interplay between the layers of sounds creates a sense of depth, while the subtle shifts in mood keep the anticipation high. The hypnotic repetition of motifs demonstrate the duo’s expertise in building tension, making it a track that’s bound to find a home in both club sets and deep listening sessions.

As the release progresses, “Contact Established” focuses on a raw, chugging and hypnotic groove before the airwaves are sparked up with a screeching, raucous bassline, akin to that of a drum and bass hook which instantly transports this abstract track into a new stratosphere of enjoyment.

Outpost” takes the listener on a slightly more introspective journey. Rolling toms and crunching percussion elements match with a sizzling hi-hat and array of claps, The track’s ethereal pads and dystopian textures add to the pulsating energy. This change in pace showcases the artists’ versatility and their ability to create a palette that’s both diverse and cohesive.

Sacrifice” emerges as a standout moment on the release, with evolving, gritty, synth blasts reminiscent of AFX aka Aphex Twin’s “Elephant Song,” the exact percussion patterns create a sense of propulsion, guiding the listener through a landscape that’s both futuristic and nostalgic. The attention to detail in the production shines through, creating a multidimensional experience that rewards repeated listens.

Closing the release, “Dying Alien” brings back the rhythmic intensity, serving as a testament to the duo’s mastery of groove. The track’s pounding, warm analogue beats burst with energy while remaining restrained in the same instance. Spacey modular accents and sci-fi bleeps add to its cunning atmosphere as a fitting conclusion of a release that consistently delivers on its promise of immersive techno exploration.

Their ability to blend intricate sound design with driving rhythms results in a release that’s both intellectually stimulating and physically engaging. With its well-crafted and peculiar narratives, hypnotic grooves, and moments of introspection, this release encapsulates the essence of modern techno while inviting listeners to explore new dimensions of sound.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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