DTR | Alex Dolby - Functional Elements - SQZ03

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DTR | Alex Dolby - Functional Elements - SQZ03
Alex Dolby has created an exciting and diverse new album made with prolific, cinematic style, substance and character, choosing not to conform to the norms of trends and popular sounds in today’s scene. This is something we connect deeply with, as music itself and artistic expression reigns supreme in his journey of evolving his sound and productions on a whole. Very much an avant-garde approach on contemporary techno, he experiments into esoteric realms that many may not understand or appreciate at first listen, but those who do will realise their strength and contrarian nature, that we can only applaud.

His previous releases for labels such as Developer’s Modularz or Emmanuel’s ARTS have set a solid scene for his new progression. Appearing on his Affekt Recordings sub label Sequenzial Shift, this is a purposeful leftfield step from his usual speciality of raw, hypnotic techno to seek an adventure of philosophical desire.

A couple of tracks we picked out include “Function Two” that has an ambient intro with a sense doom and static clicks, but is then charged with metallic tones and howls of rough and rugged synth wails.

Function Seven” is another abstract take of classy, dub techno influence that feels like a twisted interlude, once again generating a new piece of contemporary sound design from seemingly just a few elements. There’s a refined, random nature to some parts in this one which instils an organic sensitivity.

Fans of Stanislav Tolkachev, Rrose and Blawan will posolutely enjoy the Italian veteran’s offerings on Functional Elements with a total of eight tracks that are as experimental as they are impeccable.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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