DTR | Kereni - Dominant Gene - FORTE026

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DTR | Kereni - Dominant Gene - FORTE026

Best known as Kereni, Richard Ali was born in Naples, Italy. After he moved to Bristol (UK) around 2002, he has been building a name within the Techno community, and progressively gaining more and more recognition for his work.

After focusing on DJing and performing for a while, Ali began working in the studio, producing his own tracks and cultivating his distinct Acid / Techno sound. He has released music on labels like Vertical Dynamix, Darknet, Amazone and Android to name but a few. 

With a release date of April 13th, Kereni returns to Forte Techno with a new EP called Dominant Gene where he displays his skills with 3 sharp tunes.

The title track uses a rolling synth and staunch kick wrapped up in a distorted effect. As the tension builds and the sounds expand, there are explosions of energy and mind melting breaks made up of time signature collisions that heads will love.

Compound #09” has a moody attitude from the beginning. A strong driving sound unfolds with a berserk bassline and accenting tom rolls to maintain the tightness. Flowing with intense percussion this track is fairly stripped back, concentrating on the agressive groove.

At the end of this journey is “Subject #1504” that uses a two note arrangement to respond to a filtered bassline for the main melody. Modular style percussion hits the beat and injects excitement for a powerful galactic effect.

Packed with action and high paced drama, Kereni utilises his hardware and love for analogue sources by creating more blistering club works to demolish the dancefloor.

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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