DTR | Hours - Cocytus (incl. Brian Sanhaji Remix) - COT010

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DTR | Hours - Cocytus (incl. Brian Sanhaji Remix) - COT010

The Concepts of Time label head steps out from the shadows for only the second time, firmly marking the stunning tenth vinyl and digital release.

Based in Stuttgart, Hours has popped up with music contributions on Mike Wall’s Wall Music to Alex Bau’s Credo and his latest offering called Cocytus also features the creative force of CLR linked, production chameleon Brian Sanhaji.

Antenora” balances tough, raw sounds with organic, arpeggiated chords and melancholic ebbs and flows. “Judecca” works a seamless blend of 4/4 with broken beat and subtle atmospheric engagement that will capture the attention of any crowd instantly. Brian Sanhaji‘s rework adds a whole new energy to the fray, bouncing and jacking with his famed distorted layers, the original synth hook is ramped up for a more peak time take. “Caina” is the most abstract concoction and highly intriguing in many ways. Laced with breathy vocals, plenty of low end rumbles, wonky keys and pin point hats, it’s something like a dark, heavy Matthew Dear track, and that’s all good in my book.

Diverse, introspective and full of emotional Techno, this EP is a rare find that doesn’t try to be anything it’s not and holds itself with solid integrity.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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