DTMIX009 - Vanlock (of Disconnected People) [Vancouver, CANADA]

Death Techno - Vanlock

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The 9th mix of the series is a real look into the dark world through the eyes of Vanlock from Disconnected People. Residing in Vancouver, Canada we are treated to a sinister journey featuring some stellar artists like Plastikman to Slam, Erphun to Monoloc. Not for the feint hearted, built for the real twisted after hours set lovers…

Tracklist :

01. MONOLOC : pumpkin [CLR]
02. SLAM : collecting data [Paragraph]
03. DRUMCELL & AUDIO INJECTION : cell injection (Tim Xavier Remix) [Droid]
04. BCR BOYS : inkblots [Synewave]
05. MIKE PARKER : hiss [Geophone]
06. MIRKO LOKO : tahktok [Cadenza]
07. MICHAEL FORZZA : tok tok [Perimeter]
08. ERPHUN : diatomic [Sleaze UK]
09. BEN ROURKE : membrane (Miro Pajic Remix) [Multi Vitamins]
10. AMBIVALENT & JPLS : creep [M_nus]
11. STEVE PARKER : mexilaho [Weave Music]
12. PLASTIKMAN : ping pong [M_nus]
13. PLASTIKMAN : ask yourself [M_nus]
14. PLASTIKMAN : lost [M_nus]

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