DTR | Sophiite - Ejection (incl. Hours Remix) - CREDO36

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The Munich based label CREDO, is known for consistently great releases, ran by Alex Bau it’s easy to see why it remains on top with appearances from The Advent, Yan Cook, Subjected, Chris Liebing to name a few.

DTR | Sophiite - Ejection (incl. Hours Remix) - CREDO36

The original artist on their latest EP called Ejection is a fellow German who goes by the name Sophiite with a back catalogue including 069 Techno and Struktur imprints. He continues to amaze with his control of the modular synth in this deep and hypnotic package.

For the original “Ejection” we have two synth lines complimenting each other, where one of them is a 3 note loop that slowly expands a robotic melody. Loosely hitting the effects, this is a jackin’ and energetic beast.

The Tool version maintains the note structure while flying freely over some cushioned pads. This beatless interpretation provides great material for intro lovers, or for those who like to loop in extra layers for further sound expansion.

Recoil” brings a broken beat to proceedings partnered with deep modular tones. An incredibly dry and chunky kick keeps this moving, as it operates a chopped and modulated synth. With plenty of crunch and having many sound facets, it manages to never over complicate the mix bringing just the right amount of intrigue.

DTR | Sophiite - Ejection (incl. Hours Remix) - CREDO36

The last track is all about the details and a sexy hat rhythm. The Lehmann Club resident Hours completes the equation with a thundering bounce on the low section. Using a fraction of the original melody, it has a more powerful and dub influenced feel with syncopated arrangements.

Another success from CREDO with a balance of styles and useful tools, including something for any occasion to help a DJ’s creativity in more ways than one.

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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