SOPH||TE is an close to Munich Based DJ and Producer, Born in 1988. Already as a little child he was fixed on electronic music. Throughout the years as a young club kid, he gathered more and more experience and skills how to tear down the venue, which brought him already in his early years as a DJ, gigs beside the more bigger names within the Techno scene (Chris Liebing, Alex Bau, Pascal F.E.O.S.)

More and more he shaped his “alter ego” SOPH||TE to give his ideas and creativity an prolific platform. First Releases on 069 Techno and Tech-NO-House! Have been already served. With more stuff in the pipeline to follow up on CREDO and STRUKTUR. His deep pounding sound is often characterised with melodical crispness and hypnotic grooves, which will drop you on a journey into the mystical Unknown.

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