DTMIX233 - Tim Xavier [Berlin, GERMANY]

DTMIX233 - Tim Xavier [Berlin, GERMANY]



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Berlin-based Tim Xavier returns for his second mix appearance five years since his debut and alongside the release of his second album release titled Positive Conundrum on American label CMND CTRL. Accruing over 20 years of experience in the music industry as a DJ, producer and master engineer, Tim has not only played places like the essential Berghain and Boiler Room, he has also featured tracks and remixes on influential record labels ranging from Ellen Allien’s BPitch to Slam’s Soma. This exclusive mix shows his vast knowledge and attention to detail, providing a well-rounded, hypnotic trip of brooding cuts, the occasional tribal influence and jackin’ jam for good measure. Tracks included by Surgeon, Dustin Zahn, Robert Hood, Regis, Truncate, Jeff Mills, Jonas Kopp and many more…


01. Surgeon - Lash Lite [SRX]
02. Nørbak - Direction Towards Chaos [Soma]
03. Dustin Zahn - Semantic Drift [Enemy]
04. Jamaica Suk - 4th Dimension [Mord]
05. Robert Hood - Nothing Stops Detroit [Rekids]
06. Regis - Purification [Downwards]
07. Adriana Lopez - Chaos Transition [BPitch]
08. Truncate - First Phase (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) [Truncate]
09. Jeremy P Caulfield - 2.Blocks [?]
10. Hertz Collision - Jvlia (Truncate Remix) [Truncate]
11. Jeff Mills - Hatsumi [REIF]
12. Jonas Kopp - Watching the Past [Evod]
13. Jonas Kopp - Neutralizer [Evod]
14. Atesh K. - Pulse Stream [Regular Beats]
15. Rene Wise - Fuego [SK_eleven]
16. Regis - Jump In [?]
17. Biemsix - Splendid China [Enemy]
18. Unhuman + Petra Flurr - I Saw I See [SK_eleven]

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