DT:Premiere | Kill Ref - Latum [KR/LF Records]

DT:Premiere | Kill Ref - Latum [KR/LF Records]

Italian techno producer Kill Ref runs a respect radio show for Rinse FM France, and has been at the cutting edge of the scene for quite some time. This month he has decided to release a classy collection of nine tracks pulled from his vast production archive to put together his much anticipated debut album Outskirts Late Broadcast on his own KR/LF Records.

With his music having featured on imprints such as Labyrnth and Darknet outside of the homebase, the tracks on the album are a mixed bag, genre crossing, creative, and superbly executed ideas that show his love for raw and analogue sounds.

The track we selected for this DT:Premiere is called “Latum” that is a powerful journey full of organic progressions and a real hands on, machine feel. The thumping kick keeps things steady as the acid lines push and pull through filters to create an immersive experience that’s completely mesmerising.

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KRLF005 - Kill Ref - Outskirts Late Broadcast - Front
KRLF005 - Kill Ref - Outskirts Late Broadcast - Back

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