DTMIX094 - Vegim [Pristina, KOSOVO]

DTMIX094 - Vegim [Pristina, KOSOVO]



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The “Take More Music” or TMM Records label boss supplies his exciting exclusive debut mix for Death Techno. Having worked with labels like A.Paul’s Naked Lunch, Dr Hoffman’s Blind Spot Music and Joton’s Newrhythmic his production style is vast, consistently delivering creative ideas all the time. Flying the flag for Kosovo, Vegim shows his love for energetic and driving techno with a quality set that includes artists like Komprezzor, Tex-Rec, Brian Burger, Dolby D, Exium and a first play of his own forthcoming track on DEAD CERT. Records…

Tracklist :

01. DOPE HEX : in the small place [Technodrome]
02. RYOGO YAMAMORI : goodbye (Diego Hostettler & Krenzlin Remix) [951beat]
03. KOMPREZZOR : drained [Reloading]
04. PHARMAKON : opress [Black Brook]
05. TEX-REC : l.pax 1 [Tex-Rec]
06. TONIKATTITUDE : paranoid (Aggregat Retool) [Rawhard Audio]
07. UUN : reduction (Brian Burger Remix) [Reloading]
08. VEGIM : binary trip [soon on… DEAD CERT. Records]
09. TEX-REC : l.pax 2 [Tex-Rec]
10. DOLBY D & A.PAUL : insidious act1 [Dolma]
11. BORIQUA TRIBEZ : achromatiq (Vegim Repaint) [soon on… Achromatic]
12. OMAR SOLIS : sweep noise [Assassin Soldier]
13. PFIRTER : tide (Exium Remix) [Mindtrip]
14. MONO.xID : marodeur [DEAD CERT. Records]
15. VEGIM : sequence you [soon on… Luminar]

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