DTMIX231 - Specific Objects [Berlin, GERMANY]

DTMIX231 - Specific Objects [Berlin, GERMANY]


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Austrian born now Berlin-based, Specific Objects is an eye-catching talent making all the right moves with his productions landing on Developer’s Olympian, Coyu’s Suara, Shkedul’s NORD LTD, Gerald VDH’s MEAT Recordings and Diffuse Reality amongst others. This exclusive mix is a melting pot of modern styles with raw, jackin’ techno, percussive tribal, deep old school rave and mesmerising hypnotic works. Full of high-octane energy and dance floor jams, it’s a wild ride of roughneck attitude and burgeoning scene sounds. Tracks included by Jimi Joel, The Chronics, Chlär, Not A Headliner, The Sixth Sense, Cult and many more…


01. Jimi Joel - So Uhm… [Akronym]
02. The Chronics – Take A Hit [Vitus’ Curse]
03. Fhase 87 – French Loops 06.A [Self-Released]
04. Beau Didier – Cut 3 [Self-Released]
05. Zisko – Telepathic Connection (Chlär Remix) [Bipolar Disorder]
06. Isaiah – The Essentials [Self-Released]
07. Not A Headliner – I Care If I Do [Concrete Berlin]
08. Hertz – One [SWAY]
09. DJ SUN – Unreleased
10. Versus – Unreleased
11. SDB & B2 – Unreleased
12. Jim Fish & Pedro Delgardo – Audio [Yin Yang]
13. Disguised – Unreleased
14. The Sixth Sense – Cycle [Akashic]
15. Cult – Tribalism [Concrete Berlin]
16. GFX – Unreleased (Faster Horses Remix)
17. Beau Didier – Tool 2 [Self-Released]
18. Dylan Fogarty – Brass [Self-Released]
19. cufaxx – Sin Un Peso [Self-Released]

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