DTMIX228 - Ritzi Lee [Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS]

DTMIX228 - Ritzi Lee [Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS]



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Ritzi Lee is a veteran DJ and producer from Amsterdam whose captivating sound has made him a regular on iconic labels such as Bas Mooy’s Mord alongside appearances on Ben Klock’s Klockworks, Coyu’s Suara and Ben Sims’ Symbolism. Always focused on tearing up the dance floor with raw and tough analogue techno, his undeniable skills have taken him to play gigs all around the world including numerous UK and European hotspots, South Korea, Thailand as well as India. This exclusive mix shows his love of gritty, modular styles that remains a timeless pursuit and an energetic experience of listening pleasure. Tracks included by TWR72, The Advent, Mike Dearborn, Kr!z, Jeroen Search, Samuel L Session & Van Czar, Jonas Kopp and many more…


01. Denise Rabe - 1394 (TWR72 Remix) [Arkham Audio]
02. Denise Rabe - Blame Me (Advent Remix) [Arkham Audio]
03. Decka - No Hats Needed [TH Tar Hollow]
04. Amorphic (aka Vince Watson) - Resonate 35 [Symbolism]
05. Uncertain - Conga (Uncertain Hardjack Remix) [Suara]
06. Albert Salvatierra - Moving Quickly [Elart]
07. Alex Dolby - TEVI [Evod]
08. Dast (Italy) - Oh Shit! [ANAØH]
09. Joey Beltram - Game Form (Mike Dearborn Remix) [Tresor]
10. Dast (Italy) - First Answer [ANAØH]
11. Confusion - Never Ending [SOPTIK]
12. Marcal - Liturgia [Suara]
14. Quelza - Don’t You Dare [Mord]
15. Kr!z - Havoc [SK_Eleven]
16. Drop-E - Single Failure Criterion [Signal LTD]
17. Ritzi Lee - Positive Displacement [Unrilis]
18. Ritzi Lee - Release [Unrilis]
19. Ritzi Lee - Plugged In [Mord]
20. Warnung - RT_01 [RAW]
21. AgainstMe - Melting Bodies [Mekanika]
22. Marco Lenzi - Taboo (Jeroen Search Remix) [Molecular Recordings]
23. Bipolar State - Rough Sea [Bipolar State]
24. Samuel L Session & Van Czar - Omnipresence [Hardgroove]
25. Zigler - Pensiero Introverso [Signal LTD]
26. Enformig - Crawling up the Stairs [Raw Raw]
27. Bas Mooy - Heroine [Mord]
28. Dimi Angélis - Seekers [Mord]
29. Jonas Kopp - Magnetic Turbulence [R]3volution]

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