DTMIX227 - Inigo Kennedy [London, ENGLAND]

DTMIX227 - Inigo Kennedy [London, ENGLAND]

Inigo Kennedy’s impressive legacy can be tracked back to 1996 with his first EP for the excellent Molecular Recordings and later Svreca’s Semantica, as well as numerous album entries on the likes of Tim Taylor’s Missile and his very own Asymmetric. Being a key figure on Kr!z’s Token imprint over the years has been an absolute pleasure to follow his consistent rise to becoming an immensely influential artist and contemporary musician. As a DJ he has played all around the world at venues such as Tresor in Berlin, Fuse in Belgium, KHIDI in Georgia, Rex Club in Paris, Contact in Tokyo to name only a few. This exclusive mix delivers his unique blend of raw, racy, dance floor cuts with elements of mesmerising melody and melancholic moods adding to the enrapturing experience. Tracks included by Daniel Avery, Abstract Division, Ryan James Ford, Emmanuel, Ritzi Lee, James Ruskin, Ben Klock, Mark Broom and many more…


01. Lakej - Material Imortality [Nwhite]
02. Zvrra - Array Of Light 002 [Whited Sepulchre]
03. Gold Panda - I’ve Felt Better (Daniel Avery Remix) [City Slang]
04. Yugen - Inves [Semantica]
05. Abstract Division - Mind Over Matter [Dynamic Reflection]
06. Kerrie - Desert Power [Dark Machine Funk]
07. Confluencia - Consciencia [Mord]
08. Dykkon - Ritmo Roto IV [Rekktor Music]
09. Lakej - Intrinsic Mass [Nwhite]
10. Quelza - Obliteron [47]
11. Ryan James Ford - The Promise Of Money [Haven]
12. Inigo Kennedy - Untitled [Unreleased]
13. Uncertain - Terminate [ANAØH]
14. The Miller - Örebro [ANAØH]
15. Emmanuel - Tiger Grass [ARTScore]
16. Lenny San - T15 [Planet Rhythm]
17. Akenaton - Structure 4 [Modularz]
18. Inigo Kennedy - Elysian Splinters I [Asymmetric]
19. Altinbas x Cirkle - Dawn [VOLTAGE Imprint]
20. KONTAL - Shifting Shadows [Illegal Alien]
21. Ritzi Lee - Virtualized [Mord]
22. Kr!z - No Return [SK_eleven]
23. NDR - Back Up [ANAØH]
24. The Ripped - The South Squad [Modularz]
25. Deano - Scan the Soul [Illegal Alien LTD]
26. Ribé - Diverso [PoleGroup]
27. James Ruskin - Kite [KHIDI]
28. Zachary Lubin - Protocypher 2 [Modularz]
29. DJ Lily - Feeling Like A Lily [Jujuka]
30. Linear Phase - Transition #2 [Edit Select]
31. Ben Klock & Fadi Mohem - Prefix [Klockworks]
32. Moses (IN) - Long Shortcuts [Asymetrik]
33. Roll Dann - Laboratory [Mord]
34. FLAWS - 4000 bc (Mark Broom Remix) [ANAØH LTD]
35. Judas - H O Σ T I L E IV [ARTScore]
36. Sciahri & Desroi - Finish Line [Non Series]
37. Rene Wise - Tizer [SK_eleven]
38. Zeta Reticula - C.L.O.N.E. [Mechatronica]
39. Inigo Kennedy - Tides Indefinite [Asymmetric]

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