DTR | VA - The Resistance, Vol. 1 - Mixed by Asymptote - TR01

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When a package like The Resistance, Vol. 1 lands in our mailbox, it’s time to sit down, strap in and pay close attention. Setting a strong pedigree from their preceding releases, artists such as Mark Broom, Reeko, Tripeo, Psyk, Savas Pascalidis have appeared with quality contributions.

Compiled and mixed by the Suburban Avenue label head honchos Asymptote, this particular fifteen track marathon is a mind bending treat. Stuffed with previously unreleased material from a clearly well selected bunch, it succeeds in pulling together waves of chic electro sounds, broken beats and tip-top techno.

Tracks such as “Inlandsis” by Zadig has a dark soul with growling analogue synths, Aiken goes deep into the abyss of hypnotic treasure hunting on “Ion Chamber“, Marcelus gets down right freaky, modular and experimental with “TR_165” too. There’s also some straight out power techno like “Preface” by Kaelan or “White Autority” by Alfredo Mazzilli, amongst many other abstract and highly intriguing gems.

Taking me on a ride to the outer reaches of the universe and back again, it crosses genres with ease, delivering exquisite modern creations that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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