DTR | Antigone & Francois X - We Move As One - DM3D012

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Parisian artists Antigone known for his out on Token and Francois X join forces on a new double EP project called We Move As One courtesy of the club event and label DEMENT3D.

After a few run throughs top to bottom, it’s crystal clear why these guys are highly regarded and pushing the creative edge of Techno.

Love Trade” weaves tense soundscapes lead by breathy drones that build in intensity, as the rolling bottom end sprawls forward with menace and an occasional stumble in the beat devises a great character.

Track three called “Ready To Escape” carries the haunting sounds to a new level that has a touch more funk partnered with a killer 3/4 swing that is highly captivating.

The Hated SZ” goes back to a darker place, going straight in with a deep throbbing sub and slightly spaced out theme that will do plenty of damage on the dancefloor.

A real highlight and switch up in style comes from “Living Doll” and its uplifting rhythm from a fairly subtle bass drum kick and showering the mid to top with plucks, jinks and atmospheric sweeps.

The Sorcerer” begins with a tough beat, which expands it’s attraction by sub pulses that add a wonky groove, before delayed pads take it up a notch and a hypnotic edge to its sonic arsenal. Understated, but a real weapon.

The second from last track “Journey Home” goes for euphoric and heartfelt chords over another chunky kick pattern. Always a good tool to have at your disposal and something I always try to include in my own mixes. This really delivers the goods with an enthralling mind, body and soul workout.

An exceptional, rare and ultimately rejuvenating collection of interesting ideas that span a wide spectrum of futuristic thoughts concealed in class.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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