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Locorotondo is a place in Italy where Giuseppe Maffei, or better known as Z.I.P.P.O, started his career as a musician. His roots and style are drawn from a number of music genres: old school hip hop, funky, jazz, blues, soul. These genres acted as the catalyst for the DJ to begin his initial endeavors into mixing music as he prefers to use a variety of sounds and styles to create his own unique brand of sampling.

He was 15 years old when he produced ‘Symmetrical Therapy’ for the Len Faki’s label ‘Figure’. A few months later, Z.I.P.P.O released another breakthrough EP: “Collected Works pt.1” published by the ‘Involve’ label. These two EP records have helped Z.I.P.P.O build a reputation as one of the most promising Techno DJ’s in Italy.

He founded his own label, FIDES, a project based on all his works, collaborations and new projects alongside erotic illustrators, photographers and designers. The first release saw the light in October 2015: “Faces and Places” is a 4 tracks E.P. by Z.I.P.P.O himself and it was charted number 1 by Decks.de into the German Mixmag. The second release, out in December 2015, is an EP called “Distant Land” by 3KZ (Z.I.P.P.O and Kaelan). In February “Shadow Self” by Z.I.P.P.O was released. These first three releases have been picked up by several artists in their DJ sets.

The artist aims to keep expressing himself whilst producing music and to never grow apart from his beliefs and ways to feel it.

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