DTMIX041 - De-Fine Digital [Manchester, ENGLAND]

DTMIX041 - De-Fine Digital [Manchester, ENGLAND]

Very excited to present a Manchester based artist that has us locked to his every move. After hearing his devastating release on Drops called “Slow Down” it was a no brainer to request an Exclusive mix for DT. Full of dark techno tracks it’s a mix that excites and delivers on so many levels. He has an experienced ear for fine productions, creating a quality piece of work that doesn’t stop surprising and destroying your ears from start to finish.

Tracklist :

01. EMANUELE MILLOZZI & CLAUDIO PETRONI : insane (Claudio Petroni Version) [Elektrax]
02. ATTEMPORAL : att2 (Audio Injection Remix) [Att series]
03. TRUNCATE : transients (Mike Gervais Remix) [Truncate]
04. EGOR BOSS : kobra [Sleaze]
05. DARKO ESSER : slightly disturbed (Sandwell District Remix) [Balans]
06. PFIRTER & MONOLOC : session 1 [CLR]
07. CONRAD VAN ORTON : coppergreen project [Consumer]
08. AUDIO INJECTION : condition (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix) [Silent Steps]
09. LEX GORRIE : drug raid (Audio Injection Remix) [Driving Forces]
10. AUDIO INJECTION : toggle [Sleaze]
11. A-HVICH : outside life (Cortechs Remix) [Archetypes]
12. BLACK ASTEROID : engine 1 (Brian Sanhaji Remix Another Version) [CLR]
13. DAMIEN SCHNEIDER : scope [Par]
14. DE-FINE DIGITAL : slow down [Drops]
15. DAMIEN SCHNEIDER : swell [Apologue]
16. OCTAVE : blakout [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
17. ELECTRORITES : accidental side [Nightmare Factory]

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