DTR | Menno Cirk - Sector Two (incl. MM:MS Remixes) - WTZ002

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Sometimes the greatest things are when you just stumble upon new quality work absolutely randomly. Here we have a really bolshy and in your face Techno EP from the young Berlin label called writtentozero ran by duo MM:MS who offer their remix services here. Celebrating it’s 1st birthday in June this year, it’s second release is out on vinyl now and digital early next month.

The original artist Menno Cirk hails from Amsterdam, having also spent time in Birmingham before relocating to Berlin and really draws on this spectrum of cultures and influence in the tracks featured here.

With the seemed to be running name theme of their releases, the first track to get into on [Sector Two] is called “Epsilon.” It takes no prisoners and fires off with a frantic rolling tom rhythm and sputtering hat, that makes you instantly realise that he means business, also harnessing a straight up old school feel. On top of the driving drums is an analogue siren sound that is the spine of the whole track that only softens, morphs and cuts towards the middle break. It sharp builds up momentum again before it has a “as you were” moment with clean, punctuated to perfection, cymbals and hats to finish off. What a ride.

Zeta” instantly takes you down to darker territory, with a simple powerful kick lead by a huge whirring, gritty synth that creates an angry atmosphere. Subtle shimmering hats to a somewhat dulled set of shakers soon pick up the pace. Crashing rides hit you just before the break where everything amplifies and it really goes into top gear with a truly sinister feel about it.

MM:MS submit two new versions of the Epsilon original with vastly contrasting takes. The first labelled as “Remix” somehow adds even more energy and cements a raw tribal feel. The freshly edited siren pierces through the mix, complimented by another glitchy audio bite and an onslaught of metallic, bell like hits. Damn this is something else, you can really lose your mind on this one.

The second remix titled “Total Rebuild” has a funkier and completely stripped tribal sound that still expertly manages to retain the energy which comes across like a DJ Tool or to be used while building a set. A real classy rework, it could honestly slot into any time of a set, depending on how you want work it as it still possesses ample audio stimulation from faint new textures and a partially hidden groove.

Sigma” is the final offering on this stunning package that is Exclusive to Digital, satisfying another dimension to Techno heads by beginning with a broken beat. Ruthless, it has haunting and hypnotic drive, lead by a frosty, glass like backing note and a synth that tick-tocks steadily in and out of focus. It plunders against the tide with a controlled aggression as some industrial clatters and abrasive sweeps appear in the mix building tension. The beast then turns its head and goes all out four-to-the-floor after the break.

I definitely look forward to hearing more from these guys as they firmly planted a root in my brain. Top stuff.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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