DT:Premiere | M.Ø.D.U.L - MS003 [MØDSERIES]

DT:Premiere | M.Ø.D.U.L - MS003 [MØDSERIES]

Sweden based MØDSERIES launches their techno saga with a release from the label head M.O.D.U.L, also debuting his new alias following being half of the live duo Uron who are known for releases on ARTS, FLASH, Kaputt, and Black Brook Limited amongst others.

The three original tracks consist of a squealing and unnverving, experimental intro track to open, then two powerful dance floor orientated DJ cuts. The last work is the one we selected for this DT:Premiere simply titled “MS003“. Wasting no time, it gets straight down to business with a dauntless, dynamic vibe from the get-go. The thundering beat is contrasted with jarring synth stabs drenched in delays and reverb creating a haunting urgency that will stand out in the crowd.

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