DTMIXS46 - Svarog LIVE [Lviv, UKRAINE]

DTMIXS46 - Svarog LIVE [Lviv, UKRAINE]

In recent years, Ukraine has been generating a special list of quality and influential techno artists and Svarog is amongst those respected names with his standout appearances on Svreca’s Semantica, Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection, Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien, Evod Music, Circular Limited and Edit Select, to name only a few. Having played to club goers all around Europe alongside people like Oscar Mulero, Anthony Linell aka Abdulla Rashim, and Psyk, his hypnotic and patient sound is nothing short of mesmerising. This exclusive live recording takes you into his world of warm, cyclical, subterranean, dub techno. Delicate, analogue grooves and electrical textures fill the airwaves like a brewing storm amongst pulsating basslines and introspective elements…


SORRY! No tracklist… L I V E Recording

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