Semantica / Dynamic Reflection / Affin

DJ and musician who fills the dance floor with the spirit of mysticism and harmony. The Svarog project began its existence in 2014, with a release on the Spanish label Circular limited. Since then, the artist has released a lot of music on top labels of the genre, such as Semantica, Dynamic Reflection, Affin, Nachtstrom Schallplatten and others.

He has also performed in almost all countries of the continent, at famous venues and clubs.

His music dives you into a hypnotic atmosphere, sometimes with epic or dramatic accents. Landscape textures and saturated timbres in the tracks create a magical flow, forcing the listener to dive deep into dance or meditation.

Modern and futuristic sounds, far from trendiness and simplicity, aesthetics, harmony and a bit of mysticism from the heart to all intelligent dance floors out there.

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