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Enrique Mena is Svreca, an uncompromising Spaniard who focuses on making and mixing music that does wondrous things to the mind. Rather than serving up crowd pleasing physical sounds, Svreca is all about slick hypnotic rhythms; cerebral techno vibes and working audiences into heady trances. His complex techno makes no compromises and is as abstract as it is experimental, as sophisticated as it is forward facing.

Ever since 2006 Svreca has been honing his vision thorough his own revered label Semantica. Releasing only the most cultured IDM and techno, the label has showcased music from heavyweights like Vladislav Delay, Surgeon, Silent Servant and ERP, as well as Svreca himself. The man’s compelling, tunnelling techno has also come on labels like Jealous God and Warm Up Recordings and continues to evolve through a range of textures and tempos.

Not bound by any rules or borders, Svreca releases a steady stream of music and always keeps the quality levels high, whether it is something he has made himself or something he has commissioned from another. Proving techno is about much more than just a thudding kick drum, Svreca is right at the sharp end of electronic music and as such is regularly found laying out his vision at seminal clubs from Berghain and Tresor in Berlin to Labyrinth in Japan via many different clubs and festivals all around Europe.

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