Gareth Wild

Gareth Wild


Label owner and manager of EarToGround, co-owner and manager of LDNwht and East Side Gallery.

His story begins in 1992 during the early years of Jungle. By ’94 he had developed a very strong addiction to vinyl and London’s underground rave culture. As the years progressed his musical tastes developed to the genre known as techno. Along the way he has gained over 15 years of underground musical diversity. This diversity and influence can be heard in his productions. He strives for an overall, forward thinking sound for EarToGround.

In 2011 he brought Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts to the UK for the first time with two packed out parties at Corsica Studios. This relationship developed further with Oblivious Artefacts designing the artwork for the first series of four releases on EarToGround Records. And in 2013 he finally brought Jonas Kopp to the UK for the first time as well as Reeko to London for his debut first appearance to the capital.

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