DT:Premiere | 30drop - Goldene Spirale (Substance Remix) [30drop Records] (incl. Q&A)

DT:Premiere | 30drop - Goldene Spirale (Substance Remix) [30drop Records] (incl. Q&A)

Spanish up and comer 30drop has been building up a solid footing with some spaced out Techno landing an album on Detroit Underground, contributions to the superb SUB tl ran by Leandro Gámez and HD Substance, also being remixed by Steve Rachmad aka Sterac and The Back Dog. As his journey progresses, the imminent launch of his second artist album on his own 30drop Records is nearing release.

The Time of Cruel Miracles is an extraordinary palette of bleepy goodness, wrapped up in nostalgia and implementing plenty of modern ideas along with functional frameworks running the show. A depth of great production and delicate layers make you realise the labour of love this must have been, proving he is here to stay and an artist to watch closely in the future.

For this DT:Premiere we selected one of the four remixes in this extended package by Berlin legend Substance aka DJ Pete and his take on the “Goldene Spirale” original track. Known for his input to labels like Ostgut Ton, Token, Chain Reaction and Echochord for example, his powerful, gritty and energetic trip focuses on one thing, just blazing a trail and crushing anything in it’s path…

A Q&A with the 30drop can be read below, as well as the audio preview of the album…

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Q&A with 30drop
DT:Premiere | 30drop - Goldene Spirale (Substance Remix) [30drop Records] (incl. Q&A)
> 01. The Time of Cruel Miracles has a solid Techno theme throughout it and staying within certain parameters, which is something I definitely appreciate as a listener… what was the main inspiration behind this collection?
For this album the inspiration comes completely from the Solaris work of Stanislav Lem.

> 02. What tips and advice can you share to any producers on shaping their own sound?
Better advice: Don’t try to make your own sound. This is a big mistake. You must make music and flow with it. The kind of sound you create will come later.

> 03. What is your go to track at the moment by another artist?

Jeff Millsi9” [Axis Records] (1996)


30DLP-001 - 30drop - The Time of Cruel Miracles

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