DT:Premiere | Vinz Exe - Giedi Prime [Voight]

DT:Premiere | Vinz Exe - Giedi Prime [Voight]

Voight Recordings is a young vinyl and digital label based out of Berlin. Currently onto their third release, prior EPs have seen LHS, GoldFFinch, LPZ and DJ Sodeyama chip in with contributions.

Flash, Planet Rhythm, ARTS, are just some of the great imprints Vinz Exe has appeared on. His latest Caladan EP also features the dreamy and deep sounds of Dutchman Albert van Abbe for good measure.

The DT:Premiere we selected is the final track “Giedi Prime” that is a wonderful mix of deep atmospherics and a chunky club rhythm. Light and airy, the long organic breakdown feels rather lush, before the jackin’ spaced out groove switches it up again and keeps it moving.


VGT003 - Vinz Exe - Caladan EP

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