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Enter Hefty. Famed for his raw, brooding and uncompromising dark psychedelic techno and minimal sets, this London based DJ has been in international demand over the past few years, conquering crowds across Germany (including Tresor Berlin), France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Holland and the UK.

Undoubtedly the preeminent master of the darker sounds, Hefty skilfully takes you through the looking glass on a journey to a long forgotten corner of the world somewhere at the edge of time, setting the tone for the impending apocalypse with his distinct style of hypnotic twisted bass-fueled dark techno.

With over half a million plays on SoundCloud alone and an unwavering flood of requests for remixes, collaborations and EPs, it’s small wonder Hefty has enjoyed the attention of well respected labels, and most importantly, has earned the loyalty and dedication of fans who have been known to travel for hours just to watch him spin.

After over 2 years of this growing support from his friends, peers and fans, Hefty was inspired to create his own label: Darker Sounds. Focused solely on showcasing underground dark techno and minimal, the label pulls no punches in its dedication to keeping the style and quality consistently high. It is this approach to music that defines the label, and will no doubt resonate with producers of a high standard who, no matter how established, WILL see their music released.

Big things are on the horizon for this global player as Hefty now ventures into the psychedelic world, with his dark heavyweight psy-techno and psygressive tracks being picked up by Zenon Records, Maia Brasil, Glitchy.Tonic.Records and Horns & Hoofs Entertainment. Unafraid to constantly refine and evolve his style, Hefty is on track to further cement his reputation as an unstoppable force in the realm of dark techno, minimal and psychedelia.

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