DTMIX234 - Alexi Delano [Stockholm, SWEDEN] (incl. Q&A)

DTMIX234 - Alexi Delano [Stockholm, SWEDEN] (incl. Q&A)


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Alexi Delano is a veteran DJ and producer who was born in Chile and has also spent time in USA and Sweden and is close to three decades of releasing music. A true music lover with diverse tastes, his back catalogue of music includes Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 and M_nus, Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions, Dubfire’s SCI+TEC and Hans Bouffmyhre’s Sleaze to Visionquest. Having played all around the world from Miami to Dubai his DJ skills are in high demand with a clear intelligence for working a dance floor. Taking things into a freaky and trippy purist journey on this exclusive mix, there are plenty of gritty, analogue textures with twisted harmonic delights while bursting with energy from punchy percussion in all the right places. Tracks included by Hans Bouffmyhre, Electric Rescue, Paula Cazenave, The Advent, Mutecell, Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell, Dold and many more…


01. Maasym - Non Organic Growth Pt. 1 [SOPTIK]
02. Alsen - Crotalus [Flux Collective]
03. Hans Bouffmyhre - Brief Hiatus [Consumed Music]
04. Deckard - Austenite [Devotion]
05. Ferng - Deep End Of The Red Dot [Deepsomnia]
06. Electric Rescue - Between Night And Future [Skryptöm]
07. Maasym - Opalescent [SOPTIK]
08. Paula Cazenave - Lack of Time [N&N]
09. Benjamin Mull - Janne Har Stånd [Unknown]
10. The Advent - Two Zero One [Synthetik]
11. Mutecell - Berlin [Mutewax]
12. Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell - Samband [H-Productions]
13. Kevin Ferhati - Clyster [E-HRZN]
14. Alexi Delano - Monoswing (Nima Khak Remix) [AD Limited]
15. Marco Ramos - 21 Gramas [N&N]
16. The Advent - Rift [Truncate]
17. Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell - Onus [N&N]
18. Dold - Title 4 [Arsenik]
19. Hyphen - Winter Sky [R&S Records]


Q&A with Alexi Delano
by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

> 01. Firstly, what an exciting exclusive mix you’ve crafted for us, what was your aim and thought process to reach this result?
Thank you for inviting me, and I’m glad you enjoyed the mix. With this mix, I aimed to incorporate different aspects of what I usually play when exploring my techno selection. It’s always a bit challenging to do that within a one-hour timeframe, but I believe that here, you get a slight idea.

> 02. What is one of your favourite tunes that you must take with you when DJing?
I don’t really have a specific tune, but I always carry around some early ’90s techno. I hear a lot of influences from that era in the productions of the new generation, which I enjoy combining with those older tracks. I really like how some of the younger colleagues are reshaping the techno sound of the ’90s in their own unique way.

> 03. Can you tell us about your new ‘Secret Drones’ EP on Canadian label Suleiman, what inspired the sound for those 3 tracks?
The tracks were produced without the anticipation of being part of the same release, it was the head-honcho of Suleiman who had the idea to combine them. As a result, each track differs in style from the others, creating and EP that offers a small taste of the palette of Techno that I tend to dwell in.

> 04. What keeps you motivated and still releasing music to this day?
After all these years of producing, it has simply become second nature, like breathing. Although it is more mentally based, it helps me with my state of mind, so to speak. It’s a way for me to release, clear the air, and reset my mind. Honestly, without it, I’d probably go nuts haha

> 05. Where is your current focus in the music industry right now? Are you going with the flow or striving to reach some goals?
I never really had specific goals; I’m just a vessel. I write whatever needs to come through, but my mood at the time is always in there somewhere. Whenever I listen back to one of my tracks, I can instantly recall the state I was in at the time of writing. The ‘Secret Drones EP’ on Suleiman serves as a good example of that. For instance, with the track “No Show”, I can hear that I was excited about something, but at the same time unsure if I should be…

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