DTR | JC Laurent - Nothing But An Illusion (incl. Na Nich Remix) - CIELO04

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DTR | JC Laurent - Nothing But An Illusion (incl. Na Nich Remix) - CIELO04

As his creations take on new forms and seem to have no boundaries, JC Laurent is establishing himself as a vital artist to watch. His most recent EP called Nothing But An Illusion is next up on his own Cielo Records. It is the continuation of more than a decade of music releases on labels including Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection and Coyu’s Suara, where these labels are known for their high quality and his excellence is once again demonstrated.

DTR | JC Laurent - Nothing But An Illusion (incl. Na Nich Remix) - CIELO04

For the first time in the series of releases, and this being the fourth, a revered remixer joins the party. Na Nich is a Ukrainian dub techno aficionado who appears on this solo remix. He also lists credits on Svreca’s Semantica, Viels’ End of Perception, and the formidable Delsin Records, as well as his own Rhythm Büro.

Comet” is more than a solid start, confidently mixing an analogue themed aesthetic made of rich, bubbling effects reminiscent of an interstellar space mission with deep kicks providing an ominous yet rewarding presence. The expert touch of Na Nich takes the original’s wild trip into a neighbouring realm with a funky, rolling groove, sweeping pads and dream-like textures.

Nothing But An Illusion” flips thing into a completely new territory of creation. Its experimental broken beat and highly detailed sound design create a picture of brooding tension and cyclical patterns of dystopia. Ending with “The Switch,” its ambient intro relaxes the senses and uplifts the soul before the striking thump of a warm kick drum turns proceedings into a serious vibe. Eerie chants and delicate production layers provide a strong sense of a mystery.

Highly valued for introducing new ideas into an underground dimension, JC Laurent succeeds in proving creativity can be achieved in a genre that some may say is rigid in its palette, yet they have not looked deep enough into its cutting-edge artists.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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