DTR | Bruno Ledesma / Ledd - New Routes of Thought (incl. Subfractal Remix) - DEADCERT014

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DTR | Bruno Ledesma / Ledd - New Routes of Thought (incl. Subfractal Remix) - DEADCERT014

Ledd is the new alias of Bruno Ledesma, a recent addition to the DEAD CERT. roster and is well known on the techno scene in his native Argentina. He runs the Concepto Hipnotico label, which is an outlet for deep and hypnotic techno and a forum for his creative sound experimentation. We’ve been looking forward to this release since Bruno’s second mix for us earlier this year [DTMIX087] and he has delivered in spades!

The EP bolts out of the door with “New Routes” which features a chugging rolling bass note with a wide range and depth (listen for it in the opening bars) and some of the tightest kicks I’ve heard in a while. The track is fleshed out with a muted vocal sample and echoing industrial stabs and laser type noises. Similarly tight hihats wind up the tension and keep the funk. This is a cracking first track that has already been picked up by the mighty CLR’s Tommy Four Seven for example.

Corrosive Thoughts” retains enough similarity to be obviously the same producer with a tight kickdrum, the industrial samples, but takes an entirely different groove. The bass is stripped back, the kicks more restrained, and the focus is given to dramatic sweeps of static, cyclic samples and crackling machine sounds. It sounds like the heart of some futuristic workshop - really inventive and it’s great to hear sound experimentation of this type.

On to the third track - “Melting Process.” Slower and more brooding, this one unfolds as we go through with the sense of different layers being revealed. At its heart lies a pulsing, insistent groove that is teased in and out of the fore a number of times. There’s an absolutely devastating breakdown towards the end, reverb and echo liberally applied and then the groove cranked up for the end (those hihats again). The most thoughtful tune on the release and my pick.

The EP is rounded off with the Subfractal remix of Melting Process. The Canadian duo have nudged up the BPM and mutated the bassline into a growling monster and there is great use of percussive samples here. A lesson in variety and simplicity. Ethereal, high synth notes and a nagging vocal sample add tension as the track progresses and are sure to give some hands in the air moments. This is a proper, low slung dancefloor bomb.

The EP entitled New Routes of Thought is available now from Beatport. Fantastic work from this ever growing artist.

- Reviewed by Stuart Ingram for deathtechno.com

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