DTR | Alessan Main - Global Position (incl. Mick Finesse Remix) - DEADCERT013

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The time has come… I get to comment and review something I was waiting to for a long time, I’m talking about Alessan Main‘s new EP called Global Position from DEAD CERT. Records. The UK based label which keeps an eye on fresh and innovative producers from all over the world and push the boundaries as much as they can.

Global Position was released 13 October 2014 and is their newest offering, which is really special and personal for me to write about. Here we have four, forward thinking techno tracks, of which are three original mixes by Alessan Main. The one included remix is by rising American talent named Mick Finesse, who has appeared regularly on Perc Trax and is soon to be releasing a new EP on Octave’s label, the mighty Silent Steps.

As soon as I saw the release I noticed an interesting thing, all of the track titles were numbers. Taking great consideration into details is very important it seems for DEAD CERT. and it brings a kind of mystery and symbolism to the release even before you begin to listen.

10.01” - Acieeed. We are beginning our ride without any long or boring drones, but straight to the business. Such a driving force behind this track, with lots of unexpected klinky-klanky stuff which breaks it up nicely. Rhythmic, groovy, energetic, I think those are the best words to describe this one. It is not the usual dark, moody or gloomy stuff, but slightly sinister and executed in an interesting way. Alessan successfully creates a fantastic rolling rhythm, that drags you along with it, that evolves through the track at just the right times. You are not able to sit still when listening to this, believe me, a great dancefloor focused track.

30.03” - Darkness. This is the point where the proper darkness begins. I really love the stomping kick, which seems to singlehandedly pump the energy into the track and has to be one of my favourites on this release. There is something primal about this track, whilst being full of suspense, it builds in an extraordinary way and brings a sense of anxiety and uncertainty that is quite unique to hear. It really makes you think about what is to come next, but making you move at the same time.

Then we have a quality remix by Mick Finesse, who brings the track to a whole new level, that I would describe it as a sudden shift in composition. If you play both tracks back to back, it is like a call and response where original mix is asking a question and the remix is answering it. A pure release of energy that was built up by the previous one. It strikes you with an even more developed dark feeling and still manages to push the sound forward yet again. In my opening I proclaimed “push the boundaries” because it is pretty rare to find a really good EP that is made as a kind of a journey. The dark contrast is strong with this one.

40.04” - Scary. We are on the final stage of the journey, that for me has a likeness to 10.01, but at the same time differs greatly. It is not dark or energetic, it’s insane, mad and very unexpected. This one delivers a spooky melody and creates an eerie atmosphere which is very interesting and so different from other techno tracks that I’ve heard before. Create a strong rhythm and add some moody melody and you’ve got a recipe for a very successful and innovative track.

Well done Alessan Main – well done indeed. Hats off to yourself and Mick Finesse as both you producers should be praised for displaying magnificent skills and the ability to create a journey in these tracks. The release fits together so well and the sound is amazing, fresh and driving. Hats off to DEAD CERT. too, for being able to find these kinds of producers, promote them so well and show the world that a listener can still be surprised by something new.

- Reviewed by Filip Zwirek for deathtechno.com

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