DTMIXS02 & DTMIXS03 - We Are 1 • Part 1/2 - Jack! Who?

DTMIXS02 - Part 1 - MinimalDTMIXS03 - Part 2 - Techno

DTMIXS02 & DTMIXS03 - We Are 1 • Part 1/2 - Jack! Who?



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Slightly overdue! Sincere apologies, I hope the wait has been worth it! Death Techno turned 1 in March, but one thing after another has distracted me from completing both mixes. The DT “web” has been expanding further and further afield with more lovely folks from all around the world sharing their skills and taste in music with us. From gaining a sponsorship from Big Dirty Cables in London to recently the stats showing we’ve had over 40,000 downloads just on iTunes via podOmatic alone! Thanks to everyone getting involved and making DT what it is, please keep spreading the word. Let’s hope we continue to grow, reaching new milestones in time… There’s so much more to come!

EXCLUSIVE to our SoundCloud, after numerous recording attempts, many days spent planning and structuring each mix, I’ve tried to create something unique and exciting. Digging out my whole minimal and techno collection to find some gems that work well together. Huge thanks to the producers on them too, without your wicked selves inspiring me I would not have been able to create them! Part 2 should come with a health warning for your ears though, it’s seriously heavy! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Listen out for a subliminal message of my name in there too… haha. Cheers, please leave your feedback and enjoy the darkness…

Tracklist We Are 1 • Part 1 – Minimal :

01. SCB : down moment [Ostgut Ton]
02. RE:AXIS : get away from here (Kane Roth Remix) [Monocline]
03. ROCCO CAINE : sonar [Leutral]
04. MAETRIK : deepa [Dumb-Unit]
05. MISS SUNSHINE : is this what you want [BM Slim]
06. HANS BOUFFMYHRE : life of noise [Sleaze UK]
07. DREHKONTROLLE : black hole [Plusquam]
08. MIKE WALL : la salida (Ascion Remix) [Lørdag]
09. MISS SUNSHINE : early grey [Monocline]
10. MARIO ZAR : getriebeoel [Wolkenfunken]
11. HERTZMAN & LUIX SPECTRUM : conveyer (Datensi Remix) [Paria]
12. DAVE COPP & TOMMY McKINLEY : coca [Coincidence]
13. JONAS KOPP : androgeno [Spectral Sound]
14. NICOLAS MASSEYEFF : marie-louise [Herzblut]

Tracklist We Are 1 • Part 2 – Techno :

01. PFIRTER : wow! signal (Monoloc Remix) [MindTrip Music]
02. SASHA : who killed sparky? (Radio Slave’s Panorama Garage Mix) [emFire]
03. PLAN TEC : espias psiquicios (Jonas Kopp Psiquic Remix) [Spectral Sound]
04. TORSTEN KANZLER : fett bass (Mark Morris & Deh-Noizer Remix) [TKR]
05. ALAN FITZPATRICK : redline [Drumcode]
06. ROCCO CAINE : urbach [Leutral]
07. WIGHNOMY BROTHERS : epinikkion [Freude-am-Tanzen]
08. JOSEPH CAPRIATI : hooter [Analytic Trail]
09. ANDY WHITE : crash [Sven Wittekind]
10. DJ GLEN : saloon dance (Vitor Munhoz Remix) [High Definition]
11. PERC : up [Kompakt Extra]
12. LAUFMASCHE : turn [Relax 2000]

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