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HET002 is the second release from No Platforms Recordings that is making its way in to the scene with huge success. Ran by Logotech and Mark Morris this time they have brought a quality package by four unknown producers from Finland.

The first track is from Jari Saarinen and is called “Minun Folk.” Well organised notes, from bass synths on the lows to flying glassy notes making the melody. A sharp percussion is handled with reverb showing more importance. A tight kick pushes the closed hat on top creating an awesome groove. A well-modulated pad works the background and through to the breakdown where groovy claps maintain the beat. Delayed notes bounce along the track allowing me to discover new areas which make it a great introspective listen.

Auvo Salonen is next up with “Ulkomaalainen,” demonstrating a more industrial feel with equal amplitude. Vibrant toms accompany the kick in multiple layers and a stuttered beep note automatically catches my attention dragging me into the groove. Panned percussion circulates the ambient sounds generating free movement on the beat, synthetic hats of different shapes and sizes accent the top with a really cool dynamism and hypnosis.

Kokeilu Live” is the track from Matias Salo, with a faster BPM it is full of radiant rhythms. Energetic claps and vivid synths endeavour the mid section. A conservative kick rides very subtly under the bass notes for an understated flow giving it a building feel. A Slightly driven trail from the synth in the distance compliments the lead melody. Open and closed hats give plenty of room for my mind to travel along this one with a progressive sound that reflects the title, as it must have been recorded in one sitting. After the short break the melody turns more aggressive with an added acid coating for an extra high vibe.

Einari Niemi is the last track from the EP. Dropping the BPM back down, it makes “Avaruusalus” a very nice and rolling track. Bass notes bouncing from every other kick and a mid/low synth section create a dramatic style, where imagination meets movement. Stabbing beeps kick in and a dark pad expands the ambient flair further. Reverb takes over at the breakdown and the beeps fade away slowly to finish this one out.

Consistence is the formula for this EP. Clearly good work tools to have with multiple posibilities when playing for exigent crowds. I look forward to more from No Platforms label.

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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