DTR | Abstract Division - Metropolis EP (incl. Trolley Route, Function & Marcel Fengler Remixes) - DREF025

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I came across the new one from Utrecht’s Dynamic Reflection that churn out quality releases time and time again. Credit goes to label boss Paul Boex for such a selective ear. The Dutch label has featured some of the biggest artists going and this release is no exception from the long line of on point material. It features Paul’s own production alias with fellow artist Dave Miller as the always impressive Abstract Division.

The original mix of “Metropolis” instantly proves itself as a pretty laid back, floaty and melodic number, that strolls forward with a dry sub kick and panning open hats. A looping, muted acid lead controls the pace with a deep and uplifting vibe, which evolves at all times leaving trails in its wake that intensify into numerous building crescendos. Adding multiple sound textures really fill out and amplify the track as it progresses with a great sense of euphoria. Easy to get lost in the depth on show here.

Remix number one comes from Trolley Route also known as the rare alias of one Mr. Oscar Mulero, which has been under wraps since 2010. A more hypnotic overall tone appears with a sweeping fx and more electro style on the lead this time, that I also get a more funky feel from if you listen in closely. It has a stripped back aspect about it with a 5am chill-down vibe to sooth the minds of a club audience.

Function steps it up notch with a deep and pounding kick, where he uses the main lead as more of an overtone groove while he adds his own deep, scything synth chords to the mix with some subtle claps for extra satisfaction. Some peaking accents bleep and fade away as it breaks down for a short pause, comes back to the main rhythm then gently disappears from the horizon it seems.

A chunky kick and scuttling textures gets Marcel Fengler‘s take on Metropolis off with more intensity. An urgency that seems hidden in the sub stabs is revealed as they go up an octave which adds a new sense of confidence to the track, then is complimented with dreamy and harmonic strings bringing an overall melancholic feel. Still showing enough energy, it could certainly be used as a highlight in the middle of a set and wouldn’t be a miss as a monumental opener or closer either, depending on your task at hand.

All in all 4 different moods here of sublime production, paying homage to the city of Detroit and it’s futuristic soul.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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