DT:Premiere | PVS - Objective Methods [Methodical Systems]

DT:Premiere | PVS - Objective Methods [Methodical Systems]

PVS joins forces with fellow Rome based artist Lunatik to launch a new imprint that goes by the name Methodical Systems.

The first release here is a back to back, split vinyl and digital release, containing a track each of high class techno weaponry.

PVS is known for his H.omevvork record label, whilst also appearing on the likes of M_REC LTD, Children of Tomorrow, Attic Music, and Gynoid Audio. He’s also responsible for an outstanding track that has stood the test of time since 2013 called “Fuckin’ Society” that many will know already, with its timeless melancholic groove that is full of emotion and honesty.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the PVS track “Objective Methods” that is punchy with a tribal influence from the off. Its pacey BPM and added pads soften the manic drum rhythm, but take nothing away from its energy. This is a peak time powerhouse track with an old school flair that will drive the dance floor into a frenzy.

Order the 12″ vinyl at Juno Records / Deejay.de / Discogs

Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp


MSV1 - PVS / Lunatik - Methodical Systems V.1

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